Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 15:46:54 +0000

International Chess Master

I am writing this email to enquire about certain things regarding Nigeria Chess Federation.

1.Why are there no Nigerians on the Fide Rting list?

2.Who are the people at the helms of affairs concerning Nigeria Chess Federation?

3.What is the state of Nigerian Chess presently?

4.What has happened to chess events back home?

5.Is Nigeria sending anyone to participate at the African Individual Chess event in Zambia?

6.Has anything been done regards to the email Mr Kunle Elegbede sent to some players and officials some months ago?

7.And lastly,any plans of sending a team to the next chess olympiad?

Nigerians have a lot of talent,and it will be very bad and sad to allow this talents go to waste without trying to help them utilise what they have. I think we have more than enough to make things happen,but the approach of getting the resources is what am not sure about. There are countries that are not in the same league with us when we talk about resources,countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya. Uganda,but they still make things happen for their chess players,they participate both locally and Internationally, which is something we lack.

There was a time we were the best non-arab country in africa, but that is no longer the case, I think it is time we do something about changing that, everyone should come together and do some brain storming to see how to make things happen.

Everybodys idea is welcomed and well appreciated.

Oladapo Adu,


wizzy said...

You are right Dapo. Nigerian chess actually need re-organisation. i know you quite well
dapo but you can not recognise me. i am Wizzy Emmanuel. Ayo Oguntuase knows me when in
LAUTECH as WALE O. Its a pity that despite more investors in the country NCF are still
unable to get sponsors. i KNOW that we are going to get sponsors later but whenever
this happen, The NCF should use the money allocated for them truthfully. Enough
awareness to Nigerians must be made. If possible thru the Network news. By doing
this sponsors themselves will be happy and satisfied. NCF should also forget about
using Lagos state alone for venue of tournaments. Lagos is not even as peaceful as
it uses to be before due to hudlums on the roads. NCF can use other states as well,
Ibadan, Akure, Ilorin, Kaduna, Abuja, Benin and other peaceful area of the country.
Also NCF should stop doing olympiad trials or like, the way it is been done. Rather,
they should allow all the states to do their own trials since they all have a sport
council, the winners 1,2,3,4 in each state will then come together for national and
final tounarment which will be conducted by the NCF anywhere in the country. Chess
will definitely improve in this way because every state and everybody is carried along.
Also since you can learn and practice chess lonely, there should be no automatic shirt
in selection for a tournament.

Wale Olaleye
Aka --- Wizzy

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