Thursday, September 22, 2005


FAWOLE JOHN OYEYEMI has been officially named as Nigerias Chess Representative to the World Junior Chess Championship which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in November of 2005.

Nigeria Chess Federation Chairman, ACP Sanni, has made the arrangements to pay the FIDE dues in order for Fawole to participate at this event. This is a very encouraging situation and we really thank him for his immediate action on this matter.

The sponsor of our candidate to the World Juniors is a Nigeria bussiness man who lives in Houston. However, at this time in Houston , Texas, we are currently dealing with Hurricane RITA and we have temporarily suspended work on the sponsorship issue until Hurricane RITA blows over which should be in about a week.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Chess Federation is moving ahead with the rest of the necessary details so as to beat the deadline of October 7 for the registration of our chess candidate to the World Juniors.

We congratulate Wole for his efforts to represent Nigeria and wish him the very best. He will need all our encouragements and all the chess assistance we can give him (Pyschologically and otherwise) so he can perform well in this tough competition.

We shall give you more information on this as soon as possible.

Kunle Elegbede.

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Okechukwu Iwu said...

It will be nice if Wole can go. I've met him, and he is a nice young man. Hopefully, the NCF will be more forthcoming than when I was to represent the country at the African Juniors. Of course that was a while ago, when the world was still thought to be flat ...