Monday, September 05, 2005


By Ayo Oguntuase

I must admit I was really thrilled with this write-up of yours.

I have never known you to be the kind of person to be interested in the development of Chess back home in Naija, but with this write up of yours its good to know that someone like you still cares about Nigerian Chess.

I have had this idea on my mind ever since but there was really no motivating force, with your suggestions and questions, I see you are interested in Chess development in Naija.

We are both from Ekiti State of Nigeria, let us start by even contributing to the development of Chess in that state by buying Chess Equipment and materials to the sports council and see that a good team is represented at the next National Sports Festival taking place at the Gateway State in 2006.

At least I know five active Chess players who are presently abroad from Ekiti State namely; Adebola Dada (B.D) he coached you at the Chess Olympiads held in Elista in 1998, Ayodeji Ogunmoriyele, Ayokunle Aladeselu both went to Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti your high school Alma Mater, there is you and also my humble self.

I believe if the five of us (for a start) put our ideas and little resources together we can make a huge difference to Chess even in our beloved Ekiti State in particular and Naija in General.

So I want to believe that you would want to back up your ideas with action.

So I believe we can talk more of this over the phone if you are really and genuinely interested in helping out Chess back in Naija. You can give me a call any time as from 10:30pm Eastern Time during the week or anytime during the weeknd.

Houston, Texas

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dandgee said...

Hello IM Dapo Adu, I write to congratulate you on your efforts so far and been able to attend the V mobile Chess Tourney with a position to be proud of . In response to Ayo Oguntuase's comment; I will like to say that Dapo wrote his fisrt Proposal about Chess to the Ekiti state Sport council 5 years ago, but it was not reconed with. However, If you guys would like to donate Chess Materials to the State , It a very good idea and I would like to be part of it as well .

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London SE181LL