Monday, September 12, 2005


Just like the Nigeria Chess Players Forum, there are serious debates going on all over the chess world about the perfomances of diffrent chess organizations and Fide. Its a free world so people will express themselves. Here is one debate full of fireworks below. The topic of discussion include how unfair it is that Fide will remove players names from the FIDE rating list if their Federation did not pay their dues (which is the present situation of the Fide rated Nigerian chess players). If you want to get the whole jist you will need to visit that website as some of the words they used to decrribe FIDE are too strong for me to quote most of it here verbatin. Here is an extract below:

"The United States and FIDE By Larry Parr (former editor of Chess Life)

Kasparov recently noted that some professionals are not rated because their federations fail to pay FIDE dues. And both Kasparov and Short were excised from the list, which is supposed to measure objective standards, when they formed the PCA in 1993. "FIDE can be trusted with absolutely nothing," noted both GM Larry Evans and GM Raymond Keene. .... ...........Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the president of FIDE, differs from Florencio Campomanes to this extent: Campo was a fifth-rate grafter who treated us like fifth-rate victims; Ilyumzhinov is a real-life thug, who eliminates people when they inconvenience him. Real blood, real grief".

OUCH !!!!!

You think we have tough words in the Nigeria Chess Players forum? Think again. Go and read more fireworks here :------>

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