Thursday, September 08, 2005


Chess players , Here is an update of the Maryland,USA chess tournament.
IM Dapo Adu of Nigeria took part in that event. We have asked him to give us an update on that chess tournament. Its here presented below in his own words.

September 4th , 2005
  • I participated in the Maryland Quick (game in 15 mins), Blitz (game in 5 mins) and Action (game in 30 mins) which took place in Jessup community center, Maryland,USA.
  • Despite the fact we need not record our games during the first 2 events, I still went on to record all my games,I did it to be able to check my openings later on and look for improvement whenever I need to.
  • The First event was the game in 15 mins,after round 3 , myself and Ralph Zimmer (2244) was leading the pack with 3/3 points. This meant we would both be playing against each other on board 1.
  • I was on the black side of a Tromposky like move after 1.d4 d5 2. Bg5,on move 39 I sacrificed a knight for a mating attack,and after several attempted defense from my opponent, he was mated on the bank rank.
  • In round 5, I was white against Lawrence kaufman (2375) in a Bg5 sicilian najdorf poison pawn variation,I out played him in the middle game and he lost on time in a lost position.
  • In round 6, I played against William Morrison(2405),and I was on the black side of a Sicilian najdorf Bg5 variation,Morrison sacrificed a piece sometimes in the opening to create complications, but I kept my kool and defended the position well, and went on wo win the game having a rook and a Bishop up.
  • I was the clear leader from round 4 all the way up to this point,in round 7. I was playing raymond kaufman(2278) who also I used to help in his games and analysis and also a kinda training partner.
  • I needed a draw to win the event, but it was kinda hard for me playing against him,there was no killer instinct in me at all,well I was soon to pay from my lack of fighting chess when after a one move blunder from me. I had to resign and he ended up being a half point ahead of me but I still came clear second.
  • It should be noted that I lost this game after having outplayed my opponent completely. I was on the black side of a sicilian najdorf Be3 variation.
  • I was very upset at the loss and I was in a hurry to meet him again either in the blitz or the action event, I had my chance at the action event when I left my king in the center throughout the game in a grand prix like opening in the Sucilian. I was black in the game.
  • I came second in the Blitz event behind alex barnett,but my best moment of the blitz event was when i launched a sacrificial mating attack on william Morrison's king. It was alot of fun.
September 5th, 2005
  • This was the day of the action game in 30 mins.I led the field all the way till the end of the tournament,and I had my best game against Raymond kaufman (sweet revenge).
  • Few of the games and the pictures would be sent very soon.
Oladapo adu

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