Saturday, July 08, 2006


2005/2006 Nigeria Chess Champion Chikwere VS 2005 US Chess Champion,Grandmaster Nakamura.

Nakamura with Alekhine defence won in a game experts agreed Chikwere should have won but he made an unnecessary knight sacrifice in the 20th move to Nd5. Rook F to d1 was the wining move instead of the knight move.

Nakamura in the post analysis of the game also agreed he should have lost this one. But you be the judge . Here is the link to the game below:

In the 4th round against Grandmaster Joel Benjamine, Nakamura playing white Clearly crushed the Alekhine defence he adopted against Chikwere that he almost lost in round 1. That game is also presented here below:

Chikwere recovered from the round one loss to Nakamura and ended with a 5/9 games. Here is one of his won games against Fide Master Zaikov:
Posted by PicasaPicture above was the compliment of Dr Daaim Shabazz of the Chess Drum.

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