Wednesday, May 27, 2009



The Tournament hall.

Posted by Picasa Dr Sylvester Smarty: A very jovial and easy going chess player. Smarty is a friendly chess master who always wears a smile on his face whenever you meet him. But of course with the exception of on the chess board. Its war time people.

Dr Smarty in Action again. I will hate to be siting across the table as this guys opponent. Smarty is in a different world here and you know his next move had to be devastating judging from this picture. No wonder he finished joint 3rd in the Under 2100 section category. Congratulations.

IM Oladapo Adu: One chess master once said, "Say what you may about Adu, he is a hard working chess master. He is eager to participate in serious chess tournaments, taking on tougher opponents more often than most of his chess player colleagues". That sort of summaries Adus chess career in a nutshell.

Abiye Williams: He won the under 1500 section at the 2009 Foxwood Open. As a result of that good showing, his rating went up dramatically and he was bumped up to 2100 Section.

Anthony Coleman (Ohio, USA)

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