Friday, November 17, 2006

Tolu Ogunwobi's take on Chess issues

I visit this site regularly and though the updates are intermittent, it is still appreciated. There are just 3 things i want to talk about (this is not a protest or brouhaha writing).

First, the idea for columns by top Nigerian chess players is nice but we have not executed it yet. I eagerly await that and will also like to contribute.

Second, Nigeria's participation at this year olympiad is well " half a bread is better than none". There ought to be a clear goal by the Nigeria Chess Federation (NCF) what it aims to acheive for nigerian chess by participating in it and it should work towards that. The idea of selecting a few old players without giving opportunity to the teeming mass of talent in the country is acrid and 'unprogressive' . The previous approach of Olympiad Trials should be continued. It was that approach that brought players like Adegboyega, Olape and Adu into prominence.

Thirdly, What a scandal the world championship is turning to be. It seems that because the game is individual in nature, selfish tendencies tend to override and destroy communal desires. My experience in chess in Nigeria makes me see similarities with this and previous international turmoils.

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