Thursday, December 14, 2006


11th grader, 17 year old Chima Umeakunne is a chess player in Atlanta. He has always been an honor student. Chima has been playing chess since he was 8. He has never really had a formal one-on-one coach (just 3 one-on-one lessons) and has only attended his school chess clubs or summer chess camp for chess education.

His current rating is 1794. He has managed to win several clear first titles including becoming the 2006 Georgia State U1800 Class Championship Section B, and 2006 U1600 State Champion. His most memorable win was probably at this year’s World Opens in Philadelphia where he placed 3rd, scoring 7.5/9 in the under 1600 section, earning him $3,344.00. He drew the winner in the last round.

Chima has also won many Georgia State Scholastic titles. The picture here was taken at Emory University in Atlanta where Chima won 1st place in the 2006 Emory Grand Prix U1600 section.

We got to know of Chima recently through his proud mother, Mrs. Kay Umeakunne. Chimas dream is to become a master level chess player and to represent Nigeria in an International chess tournament in the nearest future. Chima would like to become a physician or an engineer.

We congratulate Chima on his impresive victories. We will surely monitor his chess career and update you on it.

Pictures of other Snr Nigeria Chess players who played in diffrent categories from Chima at the 2006 World Opens is also available below on this website.

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Chima appears on The Chess Drum many times.