Thursday, February 26, 2009


Chiedu Madueke was a chess champion in Nigeria in the late 80s and early 90s and a Chess Olympian veteran for Nigeria. For his solid play, Chiedu was feared by many chess players that they gave him a nickname of " The Assassin" for his uncanny ability to execute a mate on the chessboard. In 2007, while in Britain, pursing his MSc Degree in public policy and management, he achieved an International Chess Master title in correspondence chess.

As written on the website of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess, "correspondence chess is no longer regarded as something less than chess but a valuable form of the game which can produce extremely fine games and serve as an excellent medium for research and analysis as well as being a fascinating pastime". Even though Chiedu love to keep out of the limelight, we hope we can obtain more information about his chess activities in the nearest future. We honor and appreciate this modest chess master in a lot of ways and deservedly so.

Left: 1992 Manila Olympiad Picture: from Left-Right: Adebola Dada, Tolani Owosina , Olivia Ugorji, Fola Akintola and Chiedu Maduekwe at a reception (at the Nigerian Embassy) held in honour of the Nigerian Business men and the Nigerian National Chess Team to the World Chess Olympiad which took place in Manila, Philippines in June 1992.

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