Thursday, February 26, 2009

FOCUS ON EUROPE: LONDON; Fela Bright- Chess Player, Chess Organizer and much more

Here is an article written about Fela Bright who is a chess organizer among so many other noble causes that he is involve in. The article is taken from the web log of It is reproduced here with some slight editing.
The article should be titled " The diversified energy of a chess Master". Enjoy.
Fela bright, the left handed dude, is as tall as a rocket. Fela is the President of the NGO STEPS TO LIFE which is into Human Rights, Education , Health, ICT, social work, physics and Gender Issues.

Fela has been part of the War against Hiv/ AIDS and Tuberculosis. He has also been into the care of prisoners and the rehabilitation of ex convicts with letters of commendation from the international Federation of Women Lawyers(FIDA).

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Fela Bright served as the first President of the Physics STUDENTS Association (PHYSA) University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His tenure has been described as being unprecedented in the History of the Physics Department. Fela is a social worker, a staunch Christian and he has also been a Television presenter. Felas Love for Italian cars made him adopt the Italian name Ferrari as an undergraduate student.

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Also as an undergraduate, apart from being a member of the students representative council, he was instrumental in bringing a chess grandmaster from the then Soviet Union onto his Campus- the University of Ilorin, in 1981, to train the chess club members.

Fela love reading the works of George Bernard Shaw and Gould White.
Fela was the President of the Literary and Debating Society at Univeristy of Ibadan, a position attained through hard work and competence - not just by the ballot box. He was also the Chairman of the Constitution Review Committee as a member of the Students' Representative Council. He is also a public Speaker. As an undergraduate student, he wrote thought provoking articles which attracted "fatherly " advice from his Lecturers. In England, he found himself as a Moderator of an Internet Debate on Black intelligence as provoked by the comments attributed to the Molecular Biologist and Nobel Laureate James Watson. Interestingly, way back in Nigeria, Fela had been moving to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Laureate and Italian - American Physicist , Enrico Fermi at the MUSON Center, Lagos.
Interestingly, Fela Bright and Enrico Fermi were born in the year of the Iron Ox by the Chinese calendar.1901 and 1961. You have iron ox every 60 years.
We wish Fela well and we hope to tape into his many talents to help move Nigeria chess forward.

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